February 2015

One Week at Agape

Coming back to this place of love and peace is like coming home…. I have never felt so at home in a place that isn’t my home!! Unlike Zac Barr, who has beaten me to the second Blog of our life here, I am not doing split shifts. I am just a split person….. This week I have nursed babie
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Seven weeks, here we come!

I am excitedly looking forward to returning to the Agape Home for my 7th consecutive self-funded mission trip. I am so happy to have been granted extra luggage allowance from Sydney to Chiang Mai; to have received confirmation of meal vouchers to take the nannies and teenagers out for
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Split Shift

Well, here we are! Dianne Wilson and I arrived in Chiang Mai nearly two weeks ago and have started working at Agape. What a crazy week – a new home, a new job, a new set of wheels and a brand new community! After all, your world has to change if you want to change the world. I’ll let
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“not Thailand again?”

The Question “So you are going on another holiday,” my friends say. “Let me guess,” they say, “not Thailand again?” Yes of course it is. But not just Thailand, I have my sights firmly set on Agape Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Depending on what you want to believe, I either found Agap
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