We are so happy to add another 5 babies to our Agape family, 4 girls and 1 boy. We are truly a blessed family. Would you like to sponsor one of our angels? You can go to our official website www.nikkisplace.org and click the pink button ‘Donate Now’. Thank you all so much for your support.

We at Agape Home wish you and your family a blessed new year 2021!!!

Agape Home Christmas Party 2020

Update on Agape family – Many people are asking how we are doing at Agape Home. I am happy to report that 108 of our children are doing wonderful. Praise God 50 staff are all doing great. I know this is a very difficult time for many around the world and for sure it’s going to affect the economic which can affect businesses and organizations. We must be strong and brave full of faith that this ugly virus won’t stay around too long. “Prayer can change things”. Don’t allow “Fear” to come, but let “Faith” arise. I am sure you already know we have a lot of mouths to feed. If you would like to donate any amount for food and milk, we sure would appreciate it. Many thanks for being part of our Agape family. It is people like you who make it possible for us to do what we are doing.

Congratulations to our 3 girls that graduated from Grade 9.

We are very proud of them. They are looking forward to their new school next term.

Children’s Sight Project. Saturday we had a Rotary Team come to Agape Home to check every child’s sight from the age of 8 and up. Great day!! We also invited another orphanage to come to be part of the project. We are truly blessed and thankful for the way people share their love and skills with our Agape family.



02-Jan-20 – Another exciting day at Agape!! One of our children got adopted to Germany. It is always sad to see our children go. But when we get to know the adopted family, we feel different as we see the love that they have and the love that they give to our boy. We are so thankful.

The real Santa at Agape Home Making Christmas for our children a Joyful one…



Christmas morning at Agape Home – We started very early with singing and the Christmas story. Then we enjoyed breakfast together, “boiled rice” made very special for Christmas morning. Then it was gift time. The noise level was at the “Top”, especially with the teens and toddlers. We had a great morning. Ending of the morning everyone was ready for a holiday – even one day would have felt great for all the staff. We want to say again, without people like you we couldn’t have enjoyed such a wonderful Christmas. Thanks to all!! From Agape family and staff.


Last night our children were invited to the Shangri-La Hotel to sing and light their Christmas tree. After that Santa came and brought gifts for all of our children. That was exciting!! A great buffet was prepared for us and the children loved it. I think it was the highlight o their night. Thanks to all the staff at the Shangri-La Hotel for such a great night.



Dressed up as a Spider Woman, Mae Avis entertained our children of Agape with lots of food and fun!

All our kids form toddlers to teenagers had a fantastic time!!!