Our New Adopted Family from Germany

02-Jan-20 – Another exciting day at Agape!! One of our children got adopted to Germany. It is always sad to see our children go. But when we get to know the adopted family, we feel different as we see the love that they have and the love that they give to our boy. We are so than
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Our New Adopted Family From Australia

It was very special to meet our adopted family on Friday. It is never easy to say good-bye to our children. But we are very happy that so many of our children can be adopted. I am sure he will have a great life in Australia.
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Adopted Family from Denmark

This pass week we have had 2 of our children leave our Agape family. It’s always a difficult time for ALL of us, but we do believe that our children will have a great future with their new family. Kamonphu was so happy to spend time with his adopted brother, it seemed like they
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Adopted Family from New Zealand

We sure have enjoyed getting to know our adopted family from New Zealand. They are so proud and thankful for their son. We will miss him, but we also believe that he’s going to have a great future, growing up together with his adopted sister.
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Waiting for the Adopted Family to Arrive…

Our children of Agape are excitedly waiting for our adopted family to arrive at the Chiang Mai airport.
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