Avis Stories

When He’s Welcomed

I have had the privilege of serving here at Agape for nearly three months – I actually leave to go home a week today. I would like to share one testimony that encouraged me greatly to have experienced. After our first two cell groups with the teenagers at Agape, we had a combined boys
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2015 The Vision Continues

Our beloved Avis recently shared reflections on 2014 and a look ahead to 2015 and beyond. See the Feb15 Newsletter. Please leave your sentiments below. Avis would LOVE to hear your thoughts. Ka! Are we on the right track? What else could we do? Do you like the vision? Why? Do you pray
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Seven weeks, here we come!

I am excitedly looking forward to returning to the Agape Home for my 7th consecutive self-funded mission trip. I am so happy to have been granted extra luggage allowance from Sydney to Chiang Mai; to have received confirmation of meal vouchers to take the nannies and teenagers out for
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What this child wanted can be SO deceptive

A new video from Avis: It’s always a good day when you get to spend time with Avis driving the streets of Chiang Mai. But it gets even better when she has a gripping story to tell about a child at Agape. Listen in as she speaks about a child that felt the need to experience R
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