Project Lek 2019

Our continued Support for Project Lek up in the Mountain villages. Here are some updated photos in 2019.
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New Family from Italy Adopted one of our boys…

Another one of our children was adopted to Italy on last Saturday. Great Family !!!
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Christmas at Agape Home 2018

Celebrating Christmas at Agape Home!!!    
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Making Christmas Candies with Our Children…

Fun times making Christmas candies with our children…  
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Two New Babies Joined Agape Home…

We welcome 2 more new babies at Agape home…
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Our Agape Kids at a 5 Star Hotel to Sing and Light Their Christmas Tree…

Our children were invited to a 5 star hotel to sing and to light their Christmas tree. It was very special to hear our children sing and all the VIP guests stand around to listen and take pictures. We are a blessed family. Many Thanks.  
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Agape Home!!!

WANTING TO HELP? We need milk formulas for our Agape Babies…

If you have the heart to help… We need milk formulas for our babies. Please contact us to donate or simple make a donation and specify what your donation is for… Thank you in advance and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  
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We are in Need of Washable Diapers!!!

We are in desperate need of washable diapers for our infants…
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Team California U.S.A. at Agape Home

Last Sunday we had a team come from America. It was great, we had a love tunnel where the team prayed for every child at Agape. After that we enjoyed a great meal together with the children and staff. Thank you for coming, You truly did bless the Agape family. Thank you for your suppo
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