Children’s Sight Project at Agape

Children’s Sight Project. Saturday we had a Rotary Team come to Agape Home to check every child’s sight from the age of 8 and up. Great day!! We also invited another orphanage to come to be part of the project. We are truly blessed and thankful for the way people share the
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Mae Avis’s Birthday Celebrated with Our Children of Agape

Dressed up as a Spider Woman, Mae Avis entertained our children of Agape with lots of food and fun! All our kids form toddlers to teenagers had a fantastic time!!!  
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We Warmly Welcome 10 Additional Precious Lives at Agape Home

Yesterday was another wonderful day at Agape Home. 10 more precious lives were added to our family. I often say – we are the most blessed people on the planet. Would you consider becoming part of of our Agape family? We need many more sponsors for $35 a month. You can help us to
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A Joyful Visit by Our Adopted Child

It’s one of our greatest joys here at Agape when our adopted children come back to visit. Nong Eakapop came back and visited us with his new parents and had a wonderful visit with us.
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New Addition to Our Agape Family

Agape kids and Their Summer Suits

Summer English Classes at Agape with The World Race Team from America

Lots of fun during our English classes with the help of The World Race Team from America, Teaching our kids conversation in English and exchanging opinions, translations and cultural experiences. We thank this team for giving it their best… They also have left us some beautiful
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Summer Activites at Agape

Our children at Agape are blessed to have these volunteers from Australia who have been coming here at Agape for 11 years to teach our children English and crafts, improving our children’s skills. Many thanks from all of us at Agape!!!
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Celebrating Songkran (Thai New year) 2019 at Agape Home

Our kids and nannies at Agape Home celebrated Songkran (Thai New Year) 2019 in a traditional way… Kids and nannies getting blessed by elders at Agape.  
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Easter at Agape Home 2019

Easter Week 2019 at Agape Home with painting eggs and egg hunting…
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