Children with HIV

Walking With The King

I’m sitting here in Exeter, NSW, the town that has been my home for the past eight years, on Monday the 19th of January. This time in three weeks, I will be on a plane to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to a place where LOVE is changing the lives of children living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS. 
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What this child wanted can be SO deceptive

A new video from Avis: It’s always a good day when you get to spend time with Avis driving the streets of Chiang Mai. But it gets even better when she has a gripping story to tell about a child at Agape. Listen in as she speaks about a child that felt the need to experience R
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How Can You Help?

Hi my name is Mike Wise and I’m a Social Tech specialist. My church is Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio, USA. Some of the members of my church have been supporting and helping Agape Home for many years. These saints of God asked me if I would lend a hand and help Agape Ho
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