Avis Rideout

One Week at Agape

Coming back to this place of love and peace is like coming home…. I have never felt so at home in a place that isn’t my home!! Unlike Zac Barr, who has beaten me to the second Blog of our life here, I am not doing split shifts. I am just a split person….. This week I have nursed babie
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Split Shift

Well, here we are! Dianne Wilson and I arrived in Chiang Mai nearly two weeks ago and have started working at Agape. What a crazy week – a new home, a new job, a new set of wheels and a brand new community! After all, your world has to change if you want to change the world. I’ll let
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Walking With The King

I’m sitting here in Exeter, NSW, the town that has been my home for the past eight years, on Monday the 19th of January. This time in three weeks, I will be on a plane to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to a place where LOVE is changing the lives of children living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS. 
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If you watched the video in the previous update, you heard our Founder, Avis, say, “I believe our children receive the best care of children in any family anywhere.” December marks completion of the first three months of “Operation Smile”. Funded by an anonymou
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How Can You Help?

Hi my name is Mike Wise and I’m a Social Tech specialist. My church is Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio, USA. Some of the members of my church have been supporting and helping Agape Home for many years. These saints of God asked me if I would lend a hand and help Agape Ho
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